Paul Wardingham: Spiritual Machines 2.0 -Coming 2018

Due to the amount of requests for the Spiritual Machines CD to be restocked in the cyberstore, I've decided to get the word out about my plans for the album next year.

As well as releasing my new album Electromancer, I will also be re-releasing Spiritual Machines in 2018.

With time comes perspective, and I've had an alternate version of Spiritual Machines in mind ever since it's release in 2016.

Spiritual Machines 2.0 will be a remixed, remastered version of the original album featuring some additional production and including 2 previously unreleased tracks from the Spiritual Machines writing sessions.

Also available with the release, will be a complete guitar transcription of Spiritual Machines 2.0 including backing tracks minus lead guitar parts.

There will also be special prices on Spiritual Machines 2.0 items for anyone who has previously purchased the original album on CD or download from the cyberstore.

The original version of Spiritual Machines will no longer be available on CD.