Tsuyoshi Hayashi: ESP Guitars: ESP HORIZON II NT Rusty Iron Demonstration

Hayashi). MUSIC: REVIVE Takeshi Hayashi (Tsuyoshi Hayashi) Profile MI JAPAN Graduated from Nagoya school. At the age of 19 he won the contest of music magazine YOUNG GUITAR. At the age of 22 I started guitar instructor at MI JAPAN Nagoya school. Began full-scale music production. Provide the theme song, insert song, BGM etc. used in original drama etc in radio program. Appear on DVD of music magazine YOUNG GUITAR, beside the stage music production (public live broadcasting and live music on stage). Currently he is a guitar lecturer and acts as a guitarist in local Aichi prefecture's ZIP-FM navigator James Havens 'JAMES BAND', African technical fusion band 'MI GENTE' and his own anison band 'ODESSA'. In 2012, released a solo album "MIGHTY WARRIOR". Music magazines YOUNG GUITAR, Guitar magazine etc, magazine lessons serialized, same magazine DVD lesson, demonstration playing etc. MI JAPAN & YOUNG GUITAR sponsored · a guitarist excavating audition "GIT MASTERS" to serve as a judge. In 2014, endorsement contract with ESP. In 2014, participate in TENGUY recording and tour. In 2015, joined the hard rock band "MARCHING OUT", which Kanzo Suganuma will play drum. I arranged guitar for 1st album and recorded. Release of "ROCK WILL NEVER DIE" in December 2015. In 2016, at MARCHING OUT, make the ROCK WILL NEVER DIR tour successful. Many recordings by major artists such as Puca, READY TO KISS, OS ☆ U, and Sato Sato (formerly SKE 48). We also offer songs from commercial songs, guitar or vocals. Seto City's local hero "Corsair Oliver" is responsible for composing, arrangement and guitar recording of the theme song "Wings of Victory". Takeshi Hayashi Twitter

ESP Guitars: ESP HORIZON II NT Rusty Iron Demonstration featuring 林 剛史(Tsuyoshi Hayashi)