Daniele Liverani: working on the production of a new guitar instrumental concept album

Multi-instrumentist Daniele Liverani (ex EMPTY TREMOR, mostly known as mastermind behind the projects
GENIUS ROCK OPERA, KHYMERA, TWINSPIRITS and COSMICS) is working on the production of a new guitar instrumental
concept album that will be titled "Worlds Apart".

"Worlds Apart" is going to be his 5th instrumental guitar oriented album, follower of "Fantasia" (SG records 2014),
and will be released/distributed through Landr exclusively for the digital market (Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music,
Google Play,Amazon music, Deezer, Tidal and many more).
The release is set somewhere in the middle of 2019.

Drums will be recorded (as in the previous

"Fantasia" album 2014) by Simon Ciccotti
(Ex DE LA MUERTE, drummer for RUSSEL ALLEN’s Metal For Autism Tour 2017, TURBOLENCE, PAREIDOLIA),
the rest of the instruments will be recorded by Liverani himself.

Tracklist and artwork are already available:

1-The race is on
2-Keep your distance
3-Perfect Evening
5-Open Sesame
6-Meatball Struggle
9-Everything Ends

Daniele Liverani on Spotify:
Album Eleven Mysteries (2012)
Album Fantasia (2014)

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