Antoine Fafard: Random Symbiotic Influx - Dormitorium's Lullaby featuring Anmol Mohara

Dormitorium's Lullaby was composed by Antoine Fafard and features Antoine on guitar & bass and Anmol Mohara on drums.

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Random Symbiotic Influx is the project name for Antoine Fafard's music released separately from his albums.

Anmol was born in Nepal and has been based in London since 2015. He won the UK Young Drummer of the Year in 2017 and the Yamaha Future Beat competition the following year. Anmol's performance was recorded at Temple Studio in Sutton, UK. The song was mixed and mastered by Davide Sgualdini at Studio LaMorte in Cagliari, Italy.

Dormitorium's Lullaby featuring Anmol Mohara