Nico Schliemann: can you detect when a guitar video has been sped up?

The discussion about faking videos by speeding up videos (be it pre-recorded or just speeding up in general) has made a huge runaround in the guitar scene lately. I'm not going into detail here, but if you see something suspicious on Instagram, Facebook or Youtube, you might just think about a few things and pay attention to a few things.
It's the movements of the hands, fingers, picking motion (arm movement) and position shifts, that start to look weird when speeding up.
I recorded a bit of noodling and sped it up from 100 to 105 to 110 to 115 to 120 percent of the original speed, see yourself and ask yourself if you've ever seen something like that before. If yes, the video got edited and sped up. never forget, when you play something slow compared to when you play the same thing fast (like really fast) your movements need to get smaller in order to keep up with the speed. Also things like vibrato sound weirdly fast. Just my 2 cents on the discussion.

How sped up videos look like - pay attention to the movements of both hands!