Brett Garsed: masotti amplifiers

The Blurb:
Masotti is the result of expert engineers and guitarists working closely together toward one goal: realize the best tone possible for the electric guitar.

What was discovered is now easily available to all serious guitarists who are tired of accepting compromises in their sound.
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Brett Garsed: Masotti Guitar Devices

Truth In Shredding featured players:
Brett Garsed X100M Classic, MXM midi line mixer
William Stravato X100M Classic (EL34), M1 50w, custom floorboard, custom line mixer, Custom pedals
Giacomo Castellano X100M Modern (EL34), X100M Classic, MXM midi line mixer
Alessandro Benvenuti Custom floorboard, custom switcher
Antonio Cordaro X100M Classic , Loop Rail
Carlo Fimiani (Paoli-Vanoni) X100M Modern (6L6), custom midi 10 true bypass loops floorboard, Loop Rail, Custom pedals, M1 50w
Donato Begotti MXM Midi Line Mixer