Eric Sempe: a synopsis in fusion

This post is dedicated to Priscilla, for reminding me to post just how great Eric Sempe is!

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Eric Sempe, Dominique Di Piazza

40 Degrees

John McLaughlin, Eric Sempe, Louis Winsberg

World Jazz - "Inkewi" (guitar sitar)

John McLaughlin, Eric Sempe, Guillermont, Winsberg

Liz McComb, Eric Sempe, Jay Golden, Larry Crockett

Born on the 9 November 1962, Eric Sempe began playing Rock guitar at the age of 12 before moving on to Jazz, Ethno-Jazz and Experimental Music. He has participated in many recordings covering all these styles. He holds a first-class award from the Nice Conservatory, and a National Diploma as Jazz Professor. He has also played double-bass since 1991.

In 1988 Eric became a founding member of the group "SYNOP-SIS" with whom he has performed at many international festivals and recorded four albums, the last of which features David Sanborn as special guest. You can buy Synopsis CD online

He has recorded , or performed live or for television with: John McLaughlin, David Sanborn, Chris DeBurgh, Liz Mc Comb, Félix Sabba-Lecco, Louis Winsberg, Dominique Di Piazza, Hadrien Feraud, Nadiya, Phil Barney, Organiz, Ustad Gulam Hassan Shagan, Jin-Xing, François Jeanneau, Synop-sis, Andreï Bodnartchouk, l'Orchestre Philharmonique de Cannes, Digital Bled,, Caravansarail, Theresa Rhodes, Jean Matteï, Alte Voce and Jean-François Michaël.