News: end of a deanisty

Is Dean Zelinsky not amused by the dean shredder competition?

Komodo Rock posts:
Dean Zelinsky, founder of Dean Guitars, announced today that he has parted ways with the company that he founded in
1976, which still bears his name.

Having sold Dean Guitars in 1991, Zelinsky played an integral part in the brand's recent resurgence in popularity, effectively putting Dean Guitars back in the limelight after becoming re-affiliated with the company in 2000, during the tenure of its recent owners.

Zelinsky, discussing his not yet announced new venture, stated today, "I wanted to get back to what put Dean on the map originally -- building high-quality instruments that shape both the image and tone of guitar players, from the beginner to world-class professionals."

Regarding Dean Guitars, Zelinsky says, "I can no longer attach my name to the reputation, quality and direction of Dean Guitars or its current objectives."

Zelinsky stated the announcement with details of his new venture will be released on Tuesday, August 26, 2008.