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mp3 1 - wall street
mp3 2 - solo por hoy

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Agustin Pinto is founder member of Presto Vivace, which is a progressive-metal band formed in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1995.

The band has recorded three albums: "9597" (1998), "Utopias Color Esmeralda" (2000) and "The Enigma Of The Parable" (2005).

Their music is highly influenced by bands like ANGRA, DREAM THEATER, RUSH, and others. Their style is a mix of epic power metal with progressive rock, with long extended solos, instrumental sections, odd-time signatures, songs with non-traditional structures, and epic keyboards.


Agustin Pinto - Guitar, keyboards and sequencer

Marcelo Perez Schneider - Bass and MIDI Bass Pedal
Maximiliano Posada - Drums and Percussion
Despa - Vocals

Circulos sin Centro, EP (1995)
Laberintos Hacia el Vacio, EP (1997)
9597, compilation (1998)
Utopías Color Esmeralda, studio album (2000)
The Enigma of the Parable, studio album (2007)

Album 1, studio album (1979)
Album 2, live (1981)