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mp3 1 - wall street
mp3 2 - solo por hoy

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Agustin Pinto is founder member of Presto Vivace, which is a progressive-metal band formed in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1995.

The band has recorded three albums: "9597" (1998), "Utopias Color Esmeralda" (2000) and "The Enigma Of The Parable" (2005).

Their music is highly influenced by bands like ANGRA, DREAM THEATER, RUSH, and others. Their style is a mix of epic power metal with progressive rock, with long extended solos, instrumental sections, odd-time signatures, songs with non-traditional structures, and epic keyboards.


Agustin Pinto - Guitar, keyboards and sequencer

Marcelo Perez Schneider - Bass and MIDI Bass Pedal
Maximiliano Posada - Drums and Percussion
Despa - Vocals

Circulos sin Centro, EP (1995)
Laberintos Hacia el Vacio, EP (1997)
9597, compilation (1998)
UtopĂ­as Color Esmeralda, studio album (2000)
The Enigma of the Parable, studio album (2007)

Album 1, studio album (1979)
Album 2, live (1981)