Jason Sadites: Jazz-Rock-Fusion Project - let's raise the funds

Jason Sadites Jazz-Rock-Fusion Project feat. Marco Minnemann, Tony Levin & more


Our Story

Jason Sadites is a rock/fusion instrumentalist who is about to record his fourth full length instrumental guitar project. On this project Jason will have the pleasure and honor of working with many of the world's top musicians. Included among these are Tony Levin, Marco Minnemann, Alex Machacek, Adam Nitti, Bryan Beller and more. Jason is looking for funds to help finance the cost of having these musicians perform on his project so that the final product is one that would be considered world class. The project has a release date set for late 2012.

East Amplification Club 18 Demo with Jason Sadites

Details of Jason's previous projects can be seen below:
Jason entered the studio in 2004 to begin working on what would become his debut CD ‘ORBIT‘, which was released in late 2005. ‘ORBIT‘ received great reviews from many sources, complementing Jason not only his abilities on the guitar, but also on his melodic approach to songwriting.

In 2009 Jason released his second CD ‘WEVE‘. On the CD Jason performs with many world class musicians. Among them, world renowned drummers Kenny Aronoff, Marco Minnemann, Jerry Marotta, Gregg Bissonette and Chad Wackerman. Completing the rhythm sections with these drummers are bassists Tony Levin, Matt Bissonette and Martin Motnik. The exciting CD is out now and can be purchased through various online retailers.

Jason’s last project was the new CD “behind the laughter” a collaboration with Marco Minnemann. “laughter” is one of many release in Marco Minnemann’s series of Normalizer 2 CD which includes CD’s from Alex Machacek, Trey Gunn, Mike Keneally, John Czjakowski, Phi Yaan-Zek and Marco himself. .
The Impact

Jason's goal with this project is to push the limits of jazz/rock/fusion instrumental music. The music is based around great melody with many odd-time signature twists and turns and just the right amount of virtuosic playing to have an impact on lovers of all styles of music. The recording has commenced on some tracks and some sessions have been completed. The goal here is to make the recording and performances of the utmost quality, thus the need for funding to help pay the incredible session musicians involved. This project WILL happen and lovers of guitar music will not be disappointed.

What We Need & What You Get

Jason has begun to self finance the project although to have the level of musicianship that comes along with working with some of the world's finest musicians carries a relatively high expense. The money raised here will go directly towards paying the top studio musicians in the world (some of the names listed above). The fees to pay these musicians range anywhere from $250 to $1000 per track depending on the instrument and session details. The money will also be used to fund the artwork and mastering of the project which will be released as a digital download online. It will be available as a FLAC and mp3 download from Jason's website and also from many other online download retailers (iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon etc.) Those who pledge money will receive various perks depending on the amount of the pledge. Perks include downloads of Jason's previous projects, physical CD's and T-Shirts.

Other Ways You Can Help

Please help Jason complete this project by pledging and by sharing info about the project through other online and non-online sources. Your help and interest is much appreciated!