Michael Alexander,Theodore Ziras, David Valdes: "Universal Mind Project" with Charlie Dominici on vocals

Michael Alexander's "Universal Mind Project" Featuring:

- Lead Voice and Lyrics (Copyrights © 2012) by Charlie Dominici.
- Drums rearranged and recorded by Alex Landenburg.
- Voice by Henrik Bäth.
- Chorus rearranged by Kenia Renteria and performed by Henrik Bäth.
- Santiago Dias Garces (Guest Guitar Solo)
- Theodore Ziras (Guest Guitar Solo)
- Yoger Mucci (Guest Guitar Solo)
- Mauro Pacella (Keyboards)
- Omar Szdenka (Bass)
- David Valdes (Guest Guitar Solo)
- Cheryl Pyle (Flute)
- All Acoustic and Electric Guitars by Michael Alexander.
Michael Alexander: Guitarist, Composer and Founder of "Universal Mind Project"
from Mexico, he started this his debut E.P. collaborating with musicians from around the world.


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