Raj Krishna,Blake Rurik,Dave Martone: new label Warunki Media signs shred band OmnisighT

new label Warunki Media and shred band OmnisighT

Chris Warunki, former drummer of the Canadian death metal band SOULSCAR, has started his own independent record company, Warunki Media. The label's first release is "Path", the debut album from his own progressive-metal band OMNISIGHT featuring shred guitar gods Raj Krishna and Blake Rurik.

According to a press release, "Path" is already garnering DREAM THEATER comparisons in the media, despite not even having a keyboard player or keys on the album at all!"" [The CD] is an 80-minute 'tour de force' of a debut album with elements of progressive hard rock, shred guitar and groove metal, with strong emphasis on heavy riffs, melodic vocal hooks and world-class musicianship. The album also features a guest appearance by world-renowned guitarist Dave Martone (Magna Carta Records).


Raj Krishna,Blake Rurik: Omnisight live 2012