Christie Lenée: Live at Infinity Hall - tapping diva live

Christie Lenee
‎"Eyes are the doors to a peaceful world..." *This song is inspired by the notion that what we put into the world will reflect upon us. There is a place of peace and serenity that many people are hungry for, that which others have achieved in a state of Meditation.... Love... or Inspiration. This feeling of heightened vibration can transcend through our daily lives. May we tune in to our inner selves and live from our hearts, put out good into the world, and know that in turn the good will shine upon us. If you look around at the news you might see chaos, violence, massive destruction, and crime. The idea for this song is to not let the spirit submerge through that scene, but rather, to find Peace in the inner self and live from that place. By rediscovering this every day and embracing it we can truly bring more joy to the world.

Song for Michael Pukac- A Story of Motherhood- Christie Lenee Live at Infinity Hall

"Give and Take In" Music Video - Christie Lenee (featuring Jeff Coffin on saxophone)


  1. Wow Christie you are very talented and I can tell spiritual. Your playing, your energy, your words they say it all. You have connected your heart and soul with your music. Your students are very blessed to have you as their teacher. When a teacher shines bright so do their students. Again thank you for sharing your music.


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