Allan Holdsworth,Alan Pasqua : Blues For Tony - 2CD set available now!

SPECIALLY-PRICED 2-CD SET!Reuniting for a fall 2006 tour paying tribute to time spent in the mid-'70s fusion juggernaut, The New Tony Williams Lifetime, guitarist Allan Holdsworth and keyboardist Alan Pasqua recruited iconic figures bassist Jimmy Haslip (Yellowjackets) and drummer Chad Wackerman (Zappa; Holdsworth) for an incredible musical salute. Unlike the live DVD, the Blues for Tony CD takes the best material from that entire tour -- creating an exciting "you are there" double-disc of incredible music, and encompassing an entire evening's worth of material.This monumental album brings four masters of their instruments together for a set that may have started as a tribute, but quickly evolved into something much greater. Combining all their energies and virtuosity with a deeper language and freer approach, Holdsworth, Pasqua, Haslip and Wackerman deliver the goods on this essential album for any progressive music or Allan Holdsworth collection.Enjoy over 90 minutes of superb performances commemorating this special event.