Robin Trower,Steve Stevens: Guitar Interactive - Issue 16t out now!

Guitar Interactive - Issue 16 Out Now! Robin Trower, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Steve Stevens & Simon McBride

Tom Quayle - Using Diminished Chords in Place of Chord I

Andy James - Sweep Picking

Rick Graham - Sweep Picking - Part 1

Robin Tower - Roots and BranchesAs Robin Trower's latest album hits the ground running, Michael Casswell meets the master of tone & feel for a career overview, including a full rundown of Trower's signature Strat, Marshalls & those all-important pedals!

Steve Stevens
One of the hottest guitarists to emerge during the 1980s, Stuart Bull quizzes Billy Idol axeman and solo artist Steve Stevens at his LA home.. Levi Clay offers a career profile