Bryan Baker: updates his web site for his book Principles of Music

Bryan Baker
My official website has just been streamlined, tightened up and redesigned, with features like inset video viewing, photo reels, front page shout outs to my killer endorsers Equilibrium Guitars, Magneto Guitars,Orange Amplifiers, DigiTech, Ernie Ball MUSIC MAN Guitars & Basses,Ernie Ball Guitar Strings (And Other Products) and others and most importantly, the ability to use any and all payment methods to purchase my book "Principles of Music" in a variety of formats and have the files immediately and directly download to your hard drive within milliseconds of purchase. So for those of you who haven't checked out P.O.M. yet, now's your chance to get it easy!
A full mobile version is now live as well... Check it!

After years of teaching and performing clinics, masterclasses, lectures, and seminars throughout the US and Europe to enthusiastic and captivated audiences, guitarist Bryan Baker has compiled his philosophy, concepts, inspirations, and innovative approaches to composition, improvisation, and the musical experience in this, his first catalog of ideas.
Titled “Principles Of Music”, the book delves deeply into truly original and thought provoking methods of improvising and composing, as well as his philosophical look at the totality of a musical experience.

Featuring musical examples, as well as a detailed outline of musical “assignments” designed to create the highest level of productivity and development from the reader, “Principles Of Music” makes available to the reader the material and concepts that have made Bryan Baker one of the most respected, admired and innovative guitarists of his generation.

“Principles of Music” is available in both digital and hard copy format; $19.99 USD digital and $25.99 hard copy book option. Note; when making your purchase of Principles of Music, please wait for an confirmation “thank you” message from PayPal that will have you ebook to download.

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Bryan Baker: second demo from debut album from Vesser