Shawn Lane: The Eleventh Anniversary of Shawn Lane's passing

Shawn Lane RIP

Sept. 26th, marks the Eleventh Anniversary of Shawn Lane's passing. RIP.

For those wishing to pay respect, we, 'the Lane family' will be at his gravesite @ The Memorial Park Cemetery on Poplar Ave., Memphis, TN tomorrow at 5pm. Please feel free to join us in REMEMBRANCE of SHAWN. if you are unable to come, please light a candle/play his MUSIC Much love to all his friends and fans around the world!!! Thanks.

Here is Shawn Lane playing the theme to "Once Upon a Time in the West", by Ennio Morricone, at the Salon de la Musique, Paris, on the 24th Sept 1994.

Shawn Lane - Once upon a Time in the West (Paris - 24th Sept 1994)