Richie Allan: Interstellar Abduction Lesson

Heavy Metal Ninjas: Richie Allan Lesson – Interstellar Abduction

[Richie's Ibanez RGD-7 string guitar is in Standard tuning: B E A D G B E, and his Strat-type custom guitar is in Drop-B tuning: B F# B E G# C#.] In this lesson, Richie Allan breaks down several sections from the title track of the Heavy Metal Ninjas album, Interstellar Abduction: Introduction (0:09 – 0:39) The intro to ‘Interstellar Abduction’ consists of clean guitar chords, paired with an interesting multi-delay effect, which plays back each echo two octaves higher and in reverse. The part starts out with a C power chord with a doubled fifth, which establishes the key of the progression

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