Kevin Heiderich: G# Major b7/Dominant Lick with TAB

Here's a lick I came up with some time ago. Just transposed it to another key and changed some phrases. It's basically just a G# Major b7 chord with some tapping (with middle and ring finger), legatos and a short sweep at the beginning.
The first 3 bars are one big phrase and the last bar is just some legatos to get back to the root on the 6th string.

Here's the tab:

G# Major b7/Dominant Lick (incl. Tab)

Here's the first part of the solo section of Polyphia's "Aviator". Full solo will be recorded soon, this section is the hardest part of it though. There's one really fast alternate picking run at the end that's also quite bitchy. I'm currently busy with other stuff, that's not music, so that's why I'm taking so long with videos right now.

Polyphia - Aviator 1st part of the solo (Cover)