Maru Martinez: 57/66 EMG Pick Up Set - metal riff, soloing and clean Demo

I got a 57/66 pick up set a couple of months ago and i decided to install them on my RG7321! These pick ups make the guitar sound amazing (which is saying a lot considering this is one of the cheapest 7 string Ibanez out there) and i'm super stoked with the tones i've been able to get out of them!
i'm able to get a lot of note clarity on the distorted tones without it sounding muddy or harsh and the cleans are really warm and full.
im playing thru a pod hd500 for all tones except for lead for which i used the good old pod X3. there is very little post processing, no compression or post eq just a bit of reverb on the clean tone.
If you like the songs on this demo check out my band Paper Hero: - we're dropping our debut EP July 29!
Other links: @marumartinezfaust

57/66 EMG Pick Up Set - Demo