Kit Tang: Learn In 20 Licks: The Fragile

*New* Kit Tang's Learn In 20 Licks: The Fragile
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Add these articulate, soulful and thematic licks into your own solos by learning and mastering this brand new track by Kit Tang. Broken down into 20 manageable phrases we've got everything you need to really nail this masterful song!

Kit is such a dynamic, expressive and precise player which is very evident in this track. This classic solo with some interesting contemporary twists has a really nice progression to it, as it builds up and develops the themes throughout the song. Learning to emulate this thematic development and progression in your own solos will give your playing a new depth, allowing to you keep your listeners interested and wanting to hear more!

On the theory front it's pretty standard material such as major scales, major pentatonics and dorian scales but it's Kit's use of these devices in a creative and interesting way (such as following chord notes) that is the stand out take away from this package. You will also find some more modern sounds such as the lydian dominant, melodic minor, bebop major scales and chromatic sequences which Kit uses every now and again to add spice to his palette of sounds. You'll also find lots of expressive techniques such as bending, slides. vibrato, legato lines, as well as hybrid picking, alternate picked lines and many more!

Keeping with all of our 'Learn In 20 Licks' packages we've broken this song down into 20 bite-sized phrases so that you can learn one at a time to really digest the material in an easy and enjoyable way. When you've mastered each lick you can piece them all together to create the full song. We've also included the full playthrough video, complete with the full song TAB as well.

As ever, we have included everything you need to practise and perfect the material in this package. There are video and audio tracks for you to watch/listen and study, accurately transcribed TAB/notation for you to analyse and master, and backing tracks for everything! We've even included some text notes to help you really get these parts down!

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*New* Kit Tang's Learn In 20 Licks: The Fragile