Lari Basílio: A Million Words - to be featured on

Lari Basílio, first featured on Truth In Shredding back in 2012 - 17/03/2012 to be precise, gets a Jam Track Central artist deal.

*NEW ARTIST* Lari Basilio - A Million Words |

Coming soon to JTC will be the incredible Lari Basilio from Brazil!

This song 'A Million Words' is so groovy, dynamic, interesting and seriously rockin'! Larissa has a really great grip on finger style playing in this song and she shows off exactly how versatile the technique can be.

We're very pleased to announce Lari as the latest addition to our incredible (and ever growing) roster of outstanding players. So expect to see some brand new original content from her at JTC very soon!

*NEW ARTIST* Lari Basilio - A Million Words |