Per Nilsson, Mattias IA Eklundh, Kee Marcello, John Norum: Axemen of Sweden - streaming options available

Per Nilsson

Finally, the documentary AXEMEN OF SWEDEN is out and about, and for a minor service charge it will be made available for your viewing and hearing pleasure! Basically it features me and a bunch of my heroes in personal and upclose interviews and off-the-cuff jams, it's pretty sweet really!

Please support this and help the filmmakers earn back a little of their expenses - they funded this out of their own pockets as a labor of love, and word on the street is that if they have some success with this documentary, chances are there will be a follow-up featuring more Swedish axemen!

Axemen of Sweden is a documentary about some of the greatest guitar heroes from Sweden. Featured guitar players: Kee Marcello (Europe, Easy Action, etc.), John Norum (Europe, Dokken, etc.), Fredrik Åkesson (Opeth, Talisman, etc.), Mattias "IA" Eklundh (Freak Kitchen, Fate, etc.), Georg "Jojje" Wadenius (Made in Sweden, Blood Sweat & Tears, etc.), Andreas Öberg, Per Nilsson (Scar Symmetry, Kaipa, etc.) and Jessica Gardlund.

Axemen of Sweden from Axemen of Sweden on Vimeo.