Jake Willson: String Bending Masterclass: Complete Box Set

String Bending Masterclass: Complete Box Set


String bending is an integral part of every guitarist's sound, and one of the main reasons why the instrument allows us to play such emotive lines. With this in mind it's incredibly important that you know not only how to bend correctly (and in tune) but that you take full advantage of the expressive capabilities of this technique. Using it to add more depth, articulation and 'soul' to your solos!

Bending lets us guitarists hit all the 'in-between' notes that a piano cannot reach, as well as slide smoothly from one pitch to another (including vibrato), allowing us to imitate other sounds and instruments ranging from slide guitar to saxophones and violins or even the human voice!

In this masterclass we want to help you develop a confident, accurate and expressive bending technique. Over these three volumes we're going to cover the fundamentals, how you can use bends all over the fretboard in conjunction with other techniques and how to creatively incorporate bends into a more advanced level of playing.

Volume One: Fundamentals.
Whether new to string bending or a seasoned pro, it's always wise to check your technique! Throughout this volume we'll be doing just that. Studying the mechanics, bend shapes and pitch accuracy. Starting with the exercises you will study one and two fret bends within the major scale, perfecting your technique and developing your ear. Once you have mastered the exercises, move onto the licks and work on getting the mechanics right first. Finally studying the longer solo will help you to put your bending techniques into a musical context.

Volume Two: Expanded Fretboard.
Ready to take your bending technique to the next stage? In this part of the masterclass we'll be moving you around the fretboard more as well as exploring how bends can be combined with other techniques. Our first major step is to start moving the bends around more. We want you to be able to grab any note and bend it accurately and the exercises are designed to get you practising just that. The licks cover a whole load of new bending ideas which will instantly grow your string bending arsenal. Then, studying the solo will allow you to try all of these concepts in a realistic musical context.

Volume Three: Expressive Execution.
In volume three we'll be incorporating bends in a more advanced level of modern rock/fusion playing. We'll also get you working intensely on pitch accuracy and using bends to imitate slide guitar. After studying viable bends, 'the ghost fretboard' and quarter tone bends, the exercises will get you focussing on pitch accuracy which is very important for advanced bending. The licks will once again cover a lot of concepts and studying them will be a wonderful area of inspiration for your playing. Finally explore the full solo which has a full range of bends of all strings. You can learn this note for note, or simply master some of the advanced licks throughout.

Each volume includes a main masterclass PDF including diagrams and images to guide you, exercises, licks and solos in both audio and video format, accurate TAB/notation and backing tracks to practise the techniques and build your own awesome bending solos!

Each volume is available individually (click the images below) however as this is a course we strongly recommend that you get the box set and work your way through from volume one to three. PLUS, if you pick up the box set edition you will also get 9 extra bonus licks to help further refine and develop your bending technique. These of course, come complete with video, audio, backings, and TAB/Notation.

If you want to master this beautiful technique and take your string bending to the next level, then this masterclass is your answer!

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P.S - A huge thanks to JTC artist Jake Willson for sessioning on this release as JTC's very own 'Stig'!#