Dustin Behm, Shaun Chiodo: Increate's Debut Album VOID Indigogo - fundraiser

Increate has almost completed our debut album VOID, now in production by Metal GrandMaster Jocke Skog. Now we need help bringing this instrumental shred-fest to the Physical Realm! We're offering pre-orders, advance downloads, lessons, merch and live shows to help cover recording fees and costs of printing physical media.

Increate -- Void

Increate is an instrumental progressive metal band from Portland Oregon, consisting of Sean Chiodo and Dustin Behm on 8 string guitars, Zev Levine on bass, and Johannes Jans on drums. For our debut album VOID we were lucky to recruit master producer Jocke Skog of Sweden. The album also features the amazing talents of Gianluca Ferro, Julian Cifuentes, and Joe Chawki as guest soloists. We all came to this project with a desire to push the technical boundaries of instrumental death metal. We're thrilled with how the record is sounding and we want you to be part of the process!

So far we've funded every aspect of the project ourselves through our many day jobs but now we need help getting the music on physical media. We're making it happen by offering pre-release downloads, cds, lessons, merch, and live shows. This way anyone who wants our music can take part in its creation in a seriously meaningful way. Of our $3,290 goal, $2400 will go to production fees and $890 will go to purchasing and printing cds. If we don't reach our goal, we will still devote 100% of proceeds to finishing the project and getting our music out to the masses.

Want a Vinyl LP? – So do we. If there is enough interest (and we hit our goal for production fees) we'd love to produce VOID on vinyl. If you are interested type “Vinyl” in the comment section. Those who commit to buy one of the other perks can upgrade to vinyl if it becomes available. Vinyl pricing would be $20 for advance orders from a limited pressing of 200 copies; an additional $2200 above our goal. If this interests you please share our music and this page with your friends!

Want to help but financially challenged at the moment? We can use all the promotional help we can get. Please pass along our videos and share our info.

Thank you!