News: Strandberg set to appear at upcoming Trade Shows in China & Japan

(Pictured is a Lefty Boden OS 7 from the 1st run, photo by Cássio de Assis)
News: Strandberg set to appear at upcoming Trade Shows in China & Japan

Come say hi to us if you're in the area for the following events:
1. Music China, Shanghai 26-29, booth W4D89 Guitarcube Distribution
Yvette Young and Ye Xiao are performing and demonstrating .strandberg* guitars.
2. Musical Instrument Fair Japan 2016 aka "Gakki Fair" aka Tokyo Guitar Show, Kyoritsu Corporation booth,
Dates: November 4-6
Special guests & performances/demos to be announced!
Back by popular demand, we are currently taking deposits for our 2nd ever lefty Boden OS group run! This time we are doing the run for a Boden OS 6 Tremolo; anyone interested can see all of the details on our deposit pages below or join our Facebook group:
You can also join our Lefty Group Page on Facebook here:

#76 was made for Paul Thuriot, which is an 8-string configuration featuring a spalted walnut top, alder body, rosewood fretboard with True Temperament frets, wenge neck with maple laminates, Lundgren Guitar Pickups​ M8 HH pickups and a special black stain finish. It's probably safe to say this is going to be the coolest 8-string guitar in the neighborhood, enjoy the bragging rights Paul!

.strandberg* #83 for William Guthier Jr. William's specs include a 7 String neck-through configuration with a mahogany body, heart maple top, flame maple neck with walnut laminate, ebony fretboard, Bare Knuckle VHII chrome radiator cover pickups,  black stain sanded back, gloss top and satin finish on the neck. This is just about as classy as a .strandberg* gets!

#75! was made for Dr. Thomas Pollross. This 7-string Varberg features an alder body core plus mahogany back, flame maple body top, flame maple neck with rosewood laminates, ebony board with custom inlays, and EMG Pickups 81/85 brushed black chrome pickups.The rune inlays mean: 21st fret = Luck, 19th fret = Enlightenment, 17th = Inner Strength, 15th = Safety. 12th to 3rd spell “Thomas”.A truly special instrument, hope you enjoy Dr. Pollross!