Scott McGill: Skype Guitar Instruction - Fusion Guitar Chords - Allan Holdsworth / Fredrik Thordendal

This Customized Skype Guitar Lesson sample session demonstrates how to create a strong Fusion Chordal Vocabulary reminiscent of Allan Holdsworths's chordal work by using a C Phrygian Dominant Scale to generate new voicings for Composition and Improvisation on a few different string groups.
I studied ten years with the great Jazz Teacher/Composer Dennis Sandole who taught John Coltrane, James Moody, Jim Hall, Pat Martino, and many others.
I have played and recorded with musicians as Bassists Michael Manring and Percy Jones, Producers Neil Kernon and David Torn. Keyboardist Jordan Rudess from Dream Theater played on two tunes of my 2001 disc "Addition By Subtraction" as well.
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My Skype lessons are customized for each player and I have extensive experience as a teacher and music education administrator at colleges such as BIMM in the U.K. and The University of The Arts in Philadelphia USA.
I hope to hear from you soon.

Skype Guitar Instruction-Scott McGill Fusion Guitar Chords-Allan Holdsworth IOU Fredrik Thordendal