Andy Gillion: Mors Principium Est new album in these hands...

Andy Gillion

Proud moment today as the album I worked on for the best/worst part of 2 years is finally in my hands! It's also the first time my music has been pressed onto vinyl which is one for the bucket list.

Big thanks to Ville for putting me through hell to make this and the rest of my brothers in Mors Principium Est, Teemu and Mikko. Thomas Plec Johansson is the best producer/mix/mastering engineer I've ever worked with and without him this album would be a mess. Thanks for making my over-indulgently orchestrated vision a reality. Also a huge thanks to Paul Wardingham and Matt Powellfor their killer guest solos and Christina Marie for lending us her captivatingly beautiful voice!
Side A:

Reclaim The Sun
Into The Dark
The Drowning
In Torment
Side B:

Agnus Dei
The Ghost
Death Is The Beginning
The Colours Of The Cosmos
Apprentice Of Death

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MORS PRINCIPIUM EST - Reclaim The Sun (2016) // official clip // AFM Records
The song is taken from the album "Embers of A Dying World". Release Date: February 10th, 2017.
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MORS PRINCIPIUM EST - Reclaim The Sun (2016) // official clip // AFM Records