Nick Johnston: superb version of Atomic Mind live performance for

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The new song of the great guitarist Nick Johnston that we propose, that like the previous "Last Deals of Dead Man" was filmed by our cameras in the MusicOff studies, is "Atomic Mind", the title track eponymous album released in 2014; as always, the playing of this musician is the technical expression, taste and elegance at its best.

Accompanied by Giuliano Tricarico and Italo Iovine Gold Music and the World Sales Manager Schecter Ryan Martin, Nick has really express the best of themselves in front of our goals, giving to all Site Stuff exceptional performance.

Nick picks up his beautiful Schecter signature guitar, one of the most popular tools of this year's American brand and its prestigious Custom Shop; three single coil guitar mounts made by well-known American brand Seymour Duncan, Texas Hot model Antiquity, transducers from the warm sound and the bridge can sovravvolto tone for a classic but at the same time has an ideal behavior and never acid in distortion.

Good vision!
Nick Johnstone Schecter Signature:

Nick Johnston - Atomic Mind live performance for