Kiko Loureiro: DV MARK proud to announce addition Megadeth's guitarist to the artists roster


We’re proud to announce Kiko Loureiro, guitarist with Megadeth, joined the DV Mark family!
Kiko Loureiro doesn’t need any presentation, infact before starting to play with Megadeth he was already renowned as the guitarist of Angra and due to his amazing solo career that led to the release of masterpieces like “No Gravity”, Fullblast” and “Sounds of Innocence” where his incredible technique is perfectly mixed with a great musicality and also his Brazilian roots.

Kiko had the chance to try the DV Mark Multiamp and he’s been astonished by its tone together with the effects section and the power amp as well.

A guitarist featuring such a versatility needs something delivering an amazing tone on many strongly different musical territories and Kiko said the Multiamp is actually unbeatable on that.

We’re honored to welcome such a great artist and we’re ready to offer to Kiko Loureiro all or quality and support to let him feel a real part of the DV Mark family! — with Kiko Loureiro.