Ron Thal: Bumblefoot Shrapnel-era Album Re-release on LP format and other goodies

Shrapnel-era Album Re-release
The Shrapnel-era re-release is almost here! Pre-order it now to get access to bonus content, track premieres and more.



Greetings to all our wonderful Pledgers! I have an early Christmas gift for you...

You can now download the remixed/remastered version of the song "Every Time I Shake My Head (It's Like Christmas)" off the Hermit album! Hope you enjoy :) (Ahh, the horn parts sound soooooo much better...)

Don't forget boys & girls, on Christmas morning you must open your windows, and crank up this song as LOUD as you can, on repeat, so allllll your neighbors can hear it... over and over. And if you're loud enough, perhaps you might get a special visit from Kris Kringle himself! Disguised as a police officer. That's ok. You may be asked to turn down the music, but that's Christmas-code for "turn it up even louder," for which you should undoubtedly oblige. From there you may be taken to the North Pole (jail) where you'll get to meet and work with all the elves (prisoners) and make toys (license plates) for all the other wonderful boys and girls. :) What better way to spend Christmas. :)

Looking forward to hearing how it goes :) Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, & Happy Festivus!


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