Anton Davidyants: Delusion - stunning bass and vocals by the exquisite Veronika Stalder

Ok, this is one of the most anticipated videos in my life as well as our recent stuff with Gergo Borlai.

The story behind this song is pretty long. I started composing the song more than a year ago when I was on a cruise ship. Composed most of it and then got stuck and couldn't move further.
Then I just put it in the closet for many months.
And then (one year after I started composing it) there was an incredible opportunity to record this song with one of my favorite singers on our planet Veronika Stalder when I was in Switzerland.
It was in January this year. I couldn't miss this opportunity and instantly finished composing the song.
My first idea was exactly making this composition as a song (with no words though), so I needed someone who could actually sing such complicated lines. In my opinion no one would do it better than Veronika. She's an extremely technically skilled singer and can use her voice as an instrument. I personally got tired of many many singers who try to sound like Beyonce or Adele..
Veronika is not about it. She has a pure angelic voice, she's super well educated, she can read charts (otherwise how you think it's possible to sing such a song?), she composes music, she plays violin and guitar, she does many more..
What a talent really!
I'm her huge fan forever.
This song is called "Delusion" and I really hope you'll dig it :)
Also I'd like to thank one of my favorite musicians/composers/pianists Vardan Ovsepian whose duo work with Tatiana Parra had a huge influence on me, first of all as a composer. I learned a lot from them and this song in particular was written because I was super inspired by their work together.
So I dedicate this song to Vardan and Tatiana.
I and Vero also recorded and filmed one of my other tunes and it'll be out soon, so stay tuned for this :)
Cheers to everyone!
And thanks a lot to everyone who helped me with this video:
Veronika for her outstanding musicality and professionalism, Rene Zingg for providing his awesome studio "Soundville" in Luzern, recording and filming us, Leonid Nesterov for helping me out with unpacking the huge "Black Magic" video files and Валерий Толстов (Valeri Tolstov) for mixing the audio.

Veronika Stalder/Anton Davidyants - Delusion

Nastja Nina and Anton Davidyants - Sokunthea