Nick Johnston: Biscuit In The Basket (1080 HD)

This is part two of a two part soloing series in Guitar Techniques magazine with the Canadian guitarist, Nick Johnston. For the complete transcription of Nick's solo, playing tips and the backing track get Guitar Techniques issue 270 which is on sale in May 2017. Nick recorded with his signature Schecter guitar (detuned by a semi tone) and a Freidman BE-100 amp.
Biscuit In The Basket was written and recorded for Nick by Jason Sidwell. It features a laid back, half time feel and two different key centres. The chorus' Lydian tonality (the clean toned harmony guitars are prominent) is quite upbeat, alluding to the term 'Biscuit In The Basket' which means putting the puck (biscuit) into the net (basket) = scoring a goal in Canadian ice hockey.
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Nick Johnston - Biscuit In The Basket (1080 HD)