Sam Bell, Paul Gilbert: Jam time at Bristol Tunnels

I'm still trying to work out how I missed this show... people keep telling me how great Facebook is... show information sharing and all. Anyway Sam Bell must have had a great time.

This was an unreal experience, I have played in front of a few thousand people before more than a few times, doesn't really phase me, but playing with PAUL GILBERT for the first time in front of a room full PG fans and guitar players and given a single channel amp with no molten shred juice...I was nervous as hell as you can tell here! I know how I feel about my playing in this clip, ...It was fun and a once in a lifetime experience and I really appreciate that I got the opportunity to jam with the master himself, I was worried, but once I got started it at least felt like I was jamming with an old friend :) Time to practice my arse off and reflect on my own playing for sure! Inspired to say the least.

Sam Bell & Paul Gilbert Guitar Jam