James Norbert Ivanyi: Suhr Riot Mini Demo

I first was introduced to the Suhr Riot several years ago when I did a demo of it for the 'reloaded' series at the Suhr factory in Los Angeles, and instantly fell in love with it's realistic 'amp like' feel under the fingers, but also how effective it was at bringing a natural sounding high gain tone to the front end of virtually any amplifier's clean channel. Naturally I was quite excited when for NAMM 2018, the Riot was included in the new compact 'Mini' series.

I thought what better way to demo it than how I would actually use it. In this video I am running through some of a song I'll be playing on tour called 'Terraform Diminution'. I bypassed all of my rig and recorded a single mono track with the Suhr Riot Mini directly into the clean channel, which is what your hearing. The settings are as they are in the video, and I only manipulated the tone with the guitars volume knob, of which it is very sensitive too, and responds in a beautifully dynamic and musical way while maintaining fast, and articulate note definition.

If you're predominantly a high gain player, the Suhr Riot Mini will have you covered under any situation in which realistic, spongy and great feeling high gain is needed. It sounds equally punchy and tight from dynamic leads to modern rhythm. I've always got it in my gig bag as a safety net on the road. Leave me a comment if you dig it, enjoy!

For more information: www.suhr.com
Video & Production: Jamie Mcvicker

James Norbert Ivanyi - Suhr Riot Mini Demo