Marina Krupkina: Ouroboros - "But Does It Djent?.."(2018) album

My debut 10 string guitar album "BUT DOES IT DJENT?.." available on:

Very often people ask this jesting question "But does it djent?" when they see me with the 10 string classical guitar. That is why I've chosen this question as the album title. It's also a kind of joke, but not only. In this album I begin to show, what decacorde (classical 10 string guitar) is about and can be about in the XXI century, in my eyes. "Ouroboros" is the third composition I wrote for decacorde. For the most of listeners this piece became a favorite track from the album.
"Ouroboros" is about light and dark, about a struggle between evil and good - not in the global meaning, but within the soul of one person. The time is running and one of these forces comes to win. You can follow me on:
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Marina Krupkina - Ouroboros - "But Does It Djent?.."(2018) album