Tim Pierce, Butch Walker, Buddy Miller, Corey Congilio, Lyle Workman: Live at Sweetwater: Electric Guitar Tone

Universal Audio’s new OX reactive load box and guitar recording system is changing the way guitarists experience their favorite tube amps, allowing players to crank it up to 11 without the neighbors calling the cops. In this all-star panel discussion, hear the stories behind how four of the world’s top tone aficionados found their favorite amps and crafted their signature sounds. This is an in-depth discussion of their guitar tones and how the OX is allowing them to do things with their tones that were never possible before. Presented by Tim Pierce, Corey Congilio, Lyle Workman, Butch Walker, and Buddy Miller.

Live at Sweetwater: Electric Guitar Tone with Tim Pierce, Butch Walker & Co.