Mika Tyyskä: Cinnamon Drive (Aclam) Pedal demo

All details of the wonderful Cinnamon Drive pedal: http://www.cinnamondrive.com
and more about Aclam products http://www.aclamproductsforguitars.com
Thanks for watching. I honestly am very excited about this pedal, it's currently being used in all my recording projects. Very handy gadget to fine tune and adjust the structure of the gain and the overall tone. Love that feel of a loud amplifier I can achieve. And the sustain I can get from the boost hard clipping distortion. For cleaner tones the treble boost is absolutely wonderful.

Hope you get some ideas for the use of overdrive and booster pedals in general too. Good pedals can really push your signal to something beautiful! Tell me if you'd like to see more gear related videos in the future!

And how you like the new tune? I might release in the future as part of an EP or Album . If you come up with a title suggestion for it please leave it to the comments!

A new video next week! Will do my best to keep uploads coming out every tuesday. Subscribe!
Thanks, Mika

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Cinnamon Drive (Aclam) Pedal demo and test overdrive by Mika Tyyskä. Tone level up