Jack Gardiner, Leon Todd, Tom Geldschläger, Ola Englund, Kieran McLaughlin : Deep Fake Guitar Playing - It needs to STOP!

A compilation of a few of the Fake Video information videos out there right now. My tips for spotting, or avoiding. Don't watch instagram. Watch youtube, cast it to your TV and watch the videos. Pretty much all of them need some vsync changes to get to play.

Paul Ortiz
I'm kinda surprised that this is only just coming to people's attention haha. The only 'tools" I use are cycle recording (as in, if I can't nail a section I just keep it looped until I'm happy and then keep the best take). And....well, that's about it. Anything else is pointless. If I can't play it, I change it. Or I learn it until I can play it. Of course it means my stuff isn't the tightest or most technical but, I don't really care. These days I just like music if it sounds cool, honest/sincere and makes me feel something. Sometimes it's technical. Sometimes it's simple. But this obsession with clinical sterility in playing and production needs to go away. Unless it's being used as a tool to convey a particular emotion or idea or theme. Like if you're trying to make people think about mechanized killbots, yeah; use the tools at your disposal to craft a song that reflects the idea you have. But applying that same approach to absolutely everything is just exhausting on the ear. Perfect takes are like perfect selfies; they're just bad for everyone. Bad for the musician. Bad for the musicians that aspire to be like them. Just be honest, and happy, and confident, whatever you do and however you do it.

Fake Guitar Playing - It needs to STOP!

Fake Shredders - HOT TAKE

Why your favorite playthroughs might be fake (feat. Kevin Heiderich)

Ola Englund

BoomerBerry (Berried Alive Parody)

VABA RAHA (The HAARP Machine Parody)

Spot the real guitarist in the pile of fakes from Jared Dines trawl on IG (clue the real guitarists name rhymes with Esperanto)