Tosin Abasi: The Ultimate "Clean Amp" Pedal Platform Pedalboard

It was our honor and privilege to partner with Tosin Abasi to build him his first "Professional-Grade" pedalboard rig. Up until this time, Tosin had put rigs together on the fly, in a über DIY-fashion during rehearsals and soundchecks, or, just used an AxeFX for ease of use and to bypass the headaches of an unreliable pedalboard into a tube amp. Now, with the help of the Rig Doctor, Tosin can use his favorite analog overdrive and distortion pedals, along with his Strymon digital delay and reverb to get his his signature tone through his beloved Morgan SW tube amp with total dependability.



01:18 - Intro
03:17 - Initial meet up with Tosin
05:17 - Choosing pedals for open spaces on rig
06:52 - Pedal order, signal path
11:00 - Pedalboard surface
12:26 - Lifts, risers, and Strymon bridge
13:45 - Power supply
15:00 - Patch cables and 1/4" plugs
16:14 - Velcro
17:55 - Pedalboard layout
18:28 - Power routing
19:00 - Power cable assembly
19:38 - Audio cable prep
20:11 - Audio cable assembly
20:31 - Testing pedalboard (by Rig Dr.)
33:23 - Tosin play-thru & reactions
35:13 - Thank you & closing

Mesa Boogie High-Wire (dual buffer) -
Boss NS-2 -
Boss ES-8 -
D’Addario Tuner -
Bogner Harlow Compressor -
Friedman BE OD Deluxe -
Vertex Dynamic Distortion -
Vertex Steel String Clean Drive -
Empress ParaEq -
Strymon Timeline -
Strymon Big Sky -
Boomerang Phase Sampler III -
Truetone 1 Spot Pro CS12 -

Giant/Dann Huff, "Untitled Demo" -
M Juice Beats, "J Dilla Drum Kit" -
Ethan Meixsell, "Sea of Sand" -
Ethan Meixsell, "The Fiery Furnace" -

Tosin Abasi Pedalboard | The Ultimate "Clean Amp" Pedal Platform