Dan Mongrain: Allan Holdsworth City Nights

This was a real challenge for me and still is!

Just to pick this Allan Holdsworth solo by ear was hard enough, but then you have to figure out how the hell he plays it!

The first time I've hear this solo from City Nights (Composed by Gary Husband , opening Track of the Album "Secrets") I was in total awe!!! I couldn't believe this sound was coming from an electric guitar! Just the opening lick is mindblowing!

Well I finally found the courage to try to learn it and play it...It's not perfect but I've learned a lot while doing it and I hope you guys will enjoy it!

I highly recommend the Allan Holdsworth's box set of his discography. It's unbelievable...He was a game changer in music for sure!!

I used my "Bond Instruments" Signature Model , mounted with Dimarzio Paf Masters, Hiphot tremolo and Graphtech saddles, nut and tuning pegs.

Plugged The guitar Directly (no mic) from an amp that was laying around.



Allan Holdsworth City Nights (composed by Gary Husband) by Dan "Chewy" Mongrain (Voivod)