Isao Fujita, Saori Hoshino: 1st album song demonstration video!

[See below for thyme: Young Guitar, February 2020 issue] 8-string guitarist: ISAO and talented violinist Saori Hoshino have joined forces to create a new unit, "soLi". In addition to interviews with the February issue of Young Guitar, ISAO's guitar playing commentary from his first album "soLi" is posted. Here, I will deliver a video of the person's demonstration linked to that. Hoshino has been added to the videos such as play-through, and the web page also has unpublished music examples. There are some places where the violin parts are transcribed, so please enjoy both together.

00:04 Opening  
00:24 "Burning Blood"
Playthrough 03:48 Ex-1 "Burning Blood" Rust 04:32 Ex-2 "Burning Blood" Rust
05:13 Ex-3 "Opening Gambit" First
00 : 56 Ex-4 "Opening Gambit" A melody late
06:29 Ex-5 "the Flamer" The last Part
07:10 Ex-6 "Plasma" intro
07:57 Ex-7 "Mirror's Nest" bargain melody
08:31 Ex-8 "Opening Gambit" rust
09:40 Ex-9 "Quiet Waltz" rust
10:45 Ending web special page (with music not published in this

magazine ) Published in magazine: Young Guitar February 2020 issue -202002

ISAO & Saori Hoshino soLi 1st album song demonstration video! (There is music not published in this magazine) Young Guitar February Issue

IS (ISAO x Saori Hoshino) x Line 6 Relay G50 & G30 Wireless System [Digimart Magazine Special Edition]