Satoshi Oka: Line 6 Helix Floor

Line 6 Helix series This series is to show off impressions. In the 13th edition, an up-and-coming guitarist Satoshi Oka who has excellent phrasing sense and technique appears. He felt the potential of Helix from an early age, and says he continues to pursue it after its introduction, making full use of it both for recording and live. I heard about Helix's charms, along with one-of-a-kind sound making techniques. In addition, in the article, the presets used in the videos are distributed for free, so please download them.

Satoshi Oka-The potential of Line 6 Helix Floor that evolves the music of up-and-coming solo guitarists [Digit-mart magazine serialization, HELIX master]

渡部チェル(key) 岡田治郎(b) 木村万作(ds) 岡 聡志(g)

Oka Satoshi - Guitar Seminar@MI TOKYO [Digest]