Mathias Holm: name that tune

Mathias Holm says:
I have just finished the recordings of a new song which I don't know the title of yet... I would like you to help me name the song. The song is on my profile named "Vote a title". Listen to it and then let me know which title you would like for the song. I got six titles for you to choose from. I got no personal favourite so they are not in any kind of order…

1. Insane Breakout
2. Psychotic Dream
3. Insane and beautiful
4. Haunted mind
5. Weird and conscious
6. Flow your mind

I will close the vote and name it after seven days so hurry up please :). The title with largest amount of votes will be the title of the song. If there are two or more titles with the same number of votes I really don't know what I shall do hehe...

Please leave a message with your choice under this message. Thanks!

ps. There will be real drums and new basses recorded before the release on the album. And off course... all kind of feedback is appreciated!

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