Darren Housholder: breaking ground with MC Wrecker!

In 1989. Darren Housholder relocated from his home in the Pittsburgh, PA area after graduating from the pestigious Berekley School of Music,to Los Angeles CA, to play in Jeff Pilsen's post Dokken project, "War and Peace". After the stint with Pilsen's project, Housholder ventured out on his own to begin work on the first of three solo albums to be released on Shrapnel Records.
In 1990, a mutual friend introduced Housholder to vocalist/frontman, Michael Cordet, who had recently left Michael Angelo Batio's group, "Michael Angelo", and was looking for someone to collaborate with. For a short time after Michael Angelo,Cordet worked on various projects with Craig Goldie of "Dio", ex-"Steeler" member Rik Fox's "Thunderball", and Chris Weber from "Hollywod Rose" to name a few, but when he met Housholder, the chemistry was immediate and a partnership was born. The songs began pouring out of them. They wrote many songs together, covering a wide range of styles. They even performed one show, under the name of "Native Tongue", with hired guns sitting in on bass and drums.
After a year of writing together, Housholder had the opportunity to join Love/Hate, which resulted in one album, "Let's Rumble", after which he went on to record and release three well-received, solo albums with Shrapnel Records. Housholder then went on to form a band with now Korn Drummer, Ray Luzier, andvocalist Sean Daily in "Freak Power Ticket".
With Housholder's plate suddenly full, Cordet took the name "Native Tongue" and went on to join a local Los Angeles band, to which the Native Tongue moniker was applied. Cordet spent 4 years with N.T., which developed a very large following, and sold many of their self released E.P.s worldwide via mail order through Metal Edge Magazine.
Both Cordet and Housholder retired from music all together in the mid 90's to start families and successful businesses outside the music industry.
Now after 20 years, Cordet and Housholder have reunited, picking up where they left off. With the help of their friends, they have started recording and finishing what they started back in 1990. And now, finally, after all these years, the world will have the opportunity to experience, M.C.WRECKER.

M.C. WRECKER - Stone Groove Experience by M.C. WRECKER