Larry Carlton,Jess Lewis: wowed by Jess and her playing on Room 335

Larry Carlton 'Wowed' by Jess. The fabulously talented Jess Lewis has just received the biggest compliment that she could possibly ask for. Larry Carlton (Mr.335 himself!) shared the link to her cover of his classic Room 335 track on his Facebook page and simply put 'Wow! And she's only 17...'. Full credit has to go to Jess for being able to play the track with amazing control, skill and tone. To have this recognised by the nineteen time Grammy nominee, guitar great and composer of this sublime track, must be an amazing feeling. Well done Jess, you truly deserve it.
To see the full performance once again, head to our YouTube page.
Of course the full package of this track is now available on the site. The response to this free download has been the biggest we have ever seen, with thousands of customers downloading it overnight. In fact, there were so many customers downloading it that we had to quadruple the power of the site to handle it! If you were unable to get it at any point since yesterdays newsletter then head back over to the site and you won't have any problems now! You can get it completely free by clicking here