Angel Ruiz: Fender Richie Kotzen

Hello fellow.
More than one knows. My greg bennett, which I bought thinking it would be the investment of my life, proved the element through which I realize that if you live music, you need a high end instrument.
The funny thing is that, before buying the greg bennett, had been looking like crazy on the internet, see if someone was selling the Richie Kotzen telecaster, but without success, that telecaster, like the fender, are very hard to find instruments.
But fortunately, one year after when I decide to invest in a high-end instrument, I give to someone who sells the stratocaster, and without thinking, I travel to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria to pick up the instrument! lol and who would you have me say, I am more than happy, now if I think I can say with all of the law, that this instrument, I hope to retire :) A greeting fellow! PS: I hope you like the single

Reflections (Presentación Fender Richie Kotzen)