Tosin Abasi, Fred Brum, Ola Englund: The Idiot’s Guide To Extended Range Guitars

Kudos to the brains over at they tell me that left handers tend to be more creative

Deep Insights into the dark arts...
The Idiot’s Guide To Extended Range Guitars – 7 & 8-String Guitar Tips
Learn all you need to know about picking up and playing 7-string and 8-string guitars in our beginner’s guide to extended range guitars!

Ola Englund
haha wtf is this ?!? Chugging for Dummies!!!
I'm honored to finally have my own book!

Fred Brum
Considering all the advice I have been asked pertaining complete mastery of 7 and 8-string guitars, look no further than LeftyFretz - Left Handed Guitar Resource's complete initiation guide, containing references to valuable works by Ola Englund, Tosin and myself that will boost your knowledge to unprecedent levels.

Tosin Abasi
likes this. (or does he?...)