Sam Bell: Cerberus Pre Amp Pedal Demo

My friend Mark Thompson hooked me up with this awesome Pre Amp pedal made by Jim Leffingwell who makes a lot of cool custom pedals. I talk about the pedal and what it does, and there is lots of footage of it being used in rehearsal with my band Mask of Judas. I am playing through some new tunes, enjoy!

The pedal has 3 modes, hence the name Cerberus, one of them is much like a TS9 tube screamer, which I use in this video to tighten up the sound by using a very low drive level. Then you can switch between 2 types of distortion, one is a very Marshall sound, whilst the other to me reminds me of a Mesa Boogie style sound, only a lot warmer. For a lot of this video I am using distortion 1, towards the middle of the video I take the viewer through the different switching modes of the Cerberus.

The pedal is going directly through the FX loop of my Blackstar HT100, all the tone you hear in this video is directly from the pedal, I am using an MXR Smart Gate on a very low setting to stop any hum/feedback (the room has poor electrics). I am using an LTD H 308 with EMG pickups, strings are 11-74 (d'addario), the cab is a very cheap cab, not sure what it is!

Cerberus Pre Amp Pedal Demo