Allan Holdsworth: Strandberg guitars - the story of 36

Allan Holdsworth: checking out the Strandberg 
Fast forward to October 2012, when he played Uppsala International Guitar Festival, and I had a chance to meet him again in my hometown. He has just come from a gig in Oslo, where he had been exposed to True Temperament by a journalist who interviewed him there. Luckily, I still had #26, which I brought along with #35, my Varberg Tremolo demo guitar. He enjoyed the sound, weight and feel of both guitars very much, but the stumbling block was the clearance between the E-strings and the edge of the fretboard, which was too small on both guitars.

Allan Holdsworth with Ola Strandberg 
He also commented that he liked the tremolo construction. Many conventional tremolos have a tendency to not return exactly to the neutral position when released. The Steinberger construction with a single pressure spring does suffer from this, whereas my needle-bearing hinged construction with conventional pull springs is less susceptible to it.

The 36 - she's a beauty

So we agreed that I would build him a guitar that featured my patent pending EndurNeck(tm) with his preferred neck width, the True Temperament fretting system, and a Seymour Duncan 59B pickup. That was the entire design brief. I promised delivery by NAMM 2013 time, i.e. less than three months away.

Full story of this incredible instrument:

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  1. Needle bearings? Ever heard about the Vigier patent?
    Vigier is gonna have your a*s for lunch!

    1. this was back in 2012. Holdsworth went to Cavin / Keisel for his signature models


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